Faerie Quest (Book 3) – Roz Marshall

Playing the virtual reality game Feyland wasn’t supposed to turn out so – uh, real. But when things from the game start appearing in everyday life – like a unicorn, or Elphin, the strange creature who saved her life and became her friend – Scots teenager Corinne MacArthur has a problem. Of epic proportions.

And then she learns the truth about Elphin.

It’s a truth that shatters her illusions about the world she knows and sends her racing back to Feyland on a life-or-death rescue mission. But Feyland is a game where trickery is an art form and magic is the currency. A game which can deceive the unwary and trap the naive. A game where legends come to life and shadowy figures haunt your dreams.

And Corinne’s dreams are coming true. But not in a good way. They’re more like a waking nightmare…more on amazon

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