The Soul Guide – Kelly Stock

“For centuries, the Soul Guide and the Caretaker have ensured light and life remain on Earth. But the Soul Guide is dead and the Dark are rising…”
Sybil, on a break from her first semester at University, gets stung by a bee in the middle of a winter snowstorm. But this is no ordinary bee, it is a bee that can travel between the Veil; the place of souls and Earth. She has been chosen as the next Soul Guide. With just a few days to reach the Veil and complete the Passing Over ceremony, Sybil must find her courage to do what’s right before it’s too late.
But with such responsibility comes much danger and Sybil is being hunted. Hunted by creatures from her nightmares, creatures that lurk in the dark. For centuries, the Master and the Mephisto have been biding their time waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, and they are getting stronger.
On the run with only the old Caretaker, and a man who she’s drawn to and repulsed by in equal measure, Sybil must overcome her fears, leave the world she once knew behind, and fulfil her destiny.
On her journey, from the streets of London to the gothic Clayhill Manor and beyond, through doors only the Caretaker can see, Sybil will find herself embroiled in a world just hidden beneath the surface and will question everything she’s every believed to be true.
Will she reach the Veil in time? Can she trust the man whose been sent to protect her or the old Caretaker who seems lost to his own grief? Read book one of The Soul Guide series to find out.
This is a story of loss & grief, of friendship & love and the battle of light versus dark.

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