ink·jock – noun \ˈiŋk·ˈjäk\
: an author; writer of books.

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Fiction Authors…

Would You Like To Earn More Money Selling Your Books? Then You’ll Need To Find More Readers!

Publishing Platform

Platforms like Amazon make it possible to reach millions of readers, but publishing alone isn’t enough. How do you stand out from the crowd?

Paid Promotions

Paid promtion sites do work, but they come with their own set of challenges. Conversions are low, cost is high, and they own the audience.

Email Marketing

Email continues to be the most effective marketing tool available, but you’ll need tens of thousands of subscribers to see real results.

What if I told you there was a better way to increase your book sales, for FREE, without waiting months or even years for your audience to grow?

Now There Is!

Introducing The

InkJock Author Affiliate Network

Here’s How It Works…


First, you’ll need to become a member. It’s 100% FREE to join!


When you join, well assign you an Affiliate ID to use whenever you promote another author’s book.

Before you can promote your own book, you’ll need to participate in other promotions. We need to see a minimum of 100 unique visits through your affiliate link, which you’ll be able to track in your account.
Once you reach 100 unique visits, you’ll be eligible for a promotion, and you can submit your own book (must be a new release less than 3 months old) to be promoted by others in the network.

The system only works if everyone participates, so we encourage members to promote books as often as possible. However, we don’t expect you to over-promote to your subscribers, or to promote material that’s a bad fit for your audience. All we ask is that you participate in promotions, as often as possible!

So what kind of potential are we really talking here?

Let’s say there are 200 authors in the network, each with 3,000 email subscribers. If 25% promote your book, the total reach would be 150,000 readers. With just a 5% conversion rate, you’ll sell 7,500 books, resulting in the following revenue scenarios:

Your $0.99 book makes $2,599


Your $2.99 book makes $15,698

Your $3.99 book makes $20,948

But are these numbers realistic? Well, what if you cut them in half, is it still worthwhile? And aside from putting some extra money in your pocket, it’s very likely that the increase in sales would also increase your book’s rank on Amazon, making it more visible to more readers, resulting in even more long-term sales!

(Oh, and by the way, we currently have over 60 members in the network to date.)

Free to join. Huge potential. Zero risk.

Still have questions? See our Q & A below.

Q & A

Is this service really 100% free?

Yes. You pay us nothing, nada, zip! All we ask is that, in order to qualify for your own promotions, you need to be promoting other books, but you’re never required to promote anything you don’t want to.

Note: while our service is 100% free to use, we do still have operating costs. To help cover our expenses, we use Amazon affiliate links on our landing pages to generate revenue from book sales. It doesn’t affect you as an author, but it does help us keep the lights on, and keep this service free to use!

Can I promote all my existing books?

Our goal with this services is to promote new releases, and help authors have bigger, more effective book launches. However, we will consider books that have been available for 3 months or less. And because our service is still new, we may bend the rules a little to get things moving.

Do you promote non-fiction?

No, we currently only promote fiction.

Are authors grouped by genre?

The short answer is no.

It seems that almost every promotion service out there today divides authors into genre based groups. We went back and forth on this quite a bit ourselves, but ultimately decided to leave it up to you, the author, to choose what you want to promote to your audience.

We still expect that our members will predominately stick to promoting books in their own genre, but you never know! We believe that a good book is a good book, regardless of genre.

Do I need to have an email list to join?

There’s no requirement to join, however, without the ability to send unique visits through your affiliate link, you’ll never be eligible to promote your own book/s. A growing email list is going to be the best way to accomplish this, but you’re welcome to try other means of promoting.

Can you explain the promotion requirement of '100 unique visits'?

In order for this system to work, everyone needs to be participating in promotions. So we’re currently asking that you send a minimum of 100 unique visits through your affiliate ID in order to be eligible for a promotion of your own.

This means that you’ll need to promote other authors books to your audience (i.e., email, social media, etc). When someone clicks your affiliate link, our system will track the click and count it toward your 100 clicks.

Each time you submit a new book to be promoted, you’ll need to have at least 100 more unique clicks to be eligible again.

*Note: Because this service is still very new, we will be allowing a select number of authors to submit a book for promotion without fulfilling this requirement. Once we feel a sufficient number of promotions have taken place, the ‘100 unique visits’ rule will apply to all members in the network.